Mber Rose  Love
Voice Teacher & Professional Singer 


Classes Online

MVA offers voice classes online led by myself, Mber Rose Love. Each voice class is approximately 30-35 minutes. This is a half hour of power-packed meditations, visualizations, vocal exercises, and practicing vocal fireworks to fit in anyone's schedule! To go straight to the schedule of upcoming classes, please go to the MVA store.

Is nudity going to be a part of this?

No. I will be fully dressed. I know that if I taught topless or nude, it would seriously limit the amount of students that would be willing to study with me, would take away the focus from the lessons themselves, and would take away my validity as a voice teacher. That is definitely not what I want.

However, times, they be a changin'. That's is, if I have any say so! If I plan to change my dress code at any time in the future, I will give all my students a good, long warning! In the meantime, it will be something to chuckle about.
The Lessons

The intent of these lessons is to raise the energy in your voice while also raising the confidence and passion in you. We will identify the parts of your voice that are not what you want and go past them with awareness and awakened energy.  We will talk about expressing your truth and free up the energy in the throat energy center, called the "throat chakra", "5th chakra", or "5th seal". Voice lessons are fun and also challenging: you are building your focus in an area that could be new to you. 

My Credentials

I received a Bachelor Degree from UNC Greeley in Vocal Music Instruction in December of 2000 and have been teaching on and off for 17 years. I have been a clinician and a teacher of dozens of students.

I won't let you down, my sweets! Check MVA out!

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