Mber Rose  Love
Voice Teacher & Professional Singer 

    The Artist & Activist

I am a professional singer who fronted the "Glenn Miller" 21-piece Air Force jazz band in Japan and across Asia. Today, I am the president and founder of the non-profit reNude which aims to transform cultural shame and intolerance through topless, nude, and clothing optional entertainment, restoring the goodness and innocence of the natural human body.



I wrote my first song in 2nd grade, which was an ice cream commercial:  "Little dip, big rip, da da da!" Then I wrote my first original pop song "Not My Fault" in 9th grade, a fantasy about stealing away an abnoxiously flirty girl's boyfriend.  I was a big hit when I performed it in the junior high talent show, and being the unpopular, loser girl that I thought I was, I was hooked. It renewed my self-esteem and I recieved my BA in Music Education from UNC in Greeley, CO in 1995.

After college and two auditions, I was accepted into the Air Force band in Nebraska. I performed for President Bill Clinton and Secretary of Defense William Perry. Then I received orders to go to Japan. There, I fronted a 21-piece jazz big band and 10-piece pop band and sang in Singapore, Guam, and Korea. I was the first American military vocalist to sing in Vietnam since the conflict in the 1960s. (I can prove it!)

Then I began writing original songs, and by gosh, they were pretty good! I decided to leave the Air Force to become "famous."  In the next few months I was featured--singing my original song--in a Japanese television commercial. The commercial is below. 

Then my life abruptly changed.  When I was 29, while visiting Colorado, I suffered a massive stroke. I was told that I would never sing again.

I was transferred to a brain injury treatment center, and I hit rock bottom. I not only lost my life, I lost my ability to walk, move my right arm, and worst of all, I lost the capability of my brain.  There was nothing more to lose. 

I signed up for a personal development program. When I did it, it changed me for the rest of my life.  When before, my life was "all about me", now all I wanted to do was make a difference in the world for people. So I started teaching myself how to run again, and in ten months I was successful (enough--I ran lopsided, but I was running). And because of the program I did, I ran my first marathon two years later.  I produced my first concert and started organizing events. I went through vocal rehabilitation, and started singing even better than before.

There was no way I could have done any of this without the program that has continued to be a lifelong love of mine. (If you are on the edge of your seat and you MUST know what the program is, you can go to my Broadjam account and download my original song "Dear Judas" at  www.broadjam.com/mber for FREE. This is where you can listen to and buy all my original song home demos.) 

After that, I directed the Denver trio "Us" and starred as Judas in a production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Today I am performing for Denver GoTopless on August 26, 2018 and for other reNude events that promote the goodness of the naked human body.

My next project is to put together a naked version of Jesus Christ Superstar on video. Then I want to sell it and make millions and gazillions of dollars, give half to reNude, buy a helicopter, and get famous FINALLY after all these years! 

If you have any contacts or ideas for me, please send them my way at contact@mberroselove.com. Thank you for caring and helping me make the difference in the world that I am committed to make!!

Lip smack!  Love you all!


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